At this moment we only offer continuing education for small animal veterinarians on internal medicine topics. However, we are continuously searching for new teachers, so in the future we hope to be able to offer courses in different fields of veterinary medicine and possibly for different animal species.

Online Vet Training is continuously and actively recruiting board certified specialists from different veterinary fields and different animal species. Our goal is to be able to add new courses every month. If you cannot find a course that interests you, we recommend you sign up as a Online Vet Training member and as soon as a new course is available you will be informed. Further, as a member you get the opportunity to tell us which subjects you would like to see addressed in future trainings and you will get a 10 euro coupon that you can apply towards a future course.

RACE stands for the `registry of approval of continuing education`, a program of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). The objective of RACE is to review continuing education (CE) programs that maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, professional performance and relationships veterinarians and veterinary technicians/technologists use to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession. Each course of Online Vet Training has independently been reviewed by the RACE. To assure that courses remain up to date on the current latest information, RACE approval is only valid for 2 years. After this time the course will either be cancelled completely or re-adjusted and resubmitted for RACE approval.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Attendance, you will have to complete a final exam at the end of each course. This exam consists of approximately 5 multiple choice questions per each hour of continuing education (f.e. for a 5-hour course you will get 25 multiple choice questions). A minimum passing rate of 60% is required. Each multiple choice question will have 1 correct answer and 3 distractors. The questions have been composed so that you should be able to answer them without too much problems after completing the course. Further, we do NOT use formula scoring (this means that we will not subtract points for wrong answers). If you do not immediately get a score higher than 60%, do not worry. RACE allows you a maximum of 3 attempts in order to get a minimum passing rate of 60%.

All the continuing education provided by Online Vet Training is approved by the Belgian Orde der Dierenartsen, as well as RACE approved. CE requirements vary from country to country. As continuing education requirements are always subject to change we advise you to regularly inform yourself to allow you to remain up to date with your country`s continuing education requirements.

Veterinary CE requirements for veterinarians practicing in the US can be found on the following link:

Veterinary CE requirements for veterinarians practicing in Canada vary depending on province. RACE approval is also recognized in Canada. For guidelines regarding online continuing education, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association advises veterinarians to check directly with their provincial licensing body.

For veterinarians practicing in the UK, the RCSV advises the following: There is no restriction on the number of hours of online assessment or mediated distance learning that can count towards your CPD. Members should identify and plan their CPD to meet their own individual skills and knowledge developmental needs as practising vets. It is the responsibility of each veterinarian to record the number of hours spent on their CPD activities.

For veterinarians practicing in Australia, continuing education in Australia is currently not accredited.  The only requirement a veterinarian has is the number of hours they are required to undertake.

First of all, new members of Online Vet Training will immediately receive a 10 euro coupon that can be applied to any course. Further, we offer special discounts for veterinarians that work in the same clinic and wish to follow the same course. For more information regarding discounts, please contact us.

No, it is completely free to become an Online Vet Training member and you will be offered many perks.

First of all, you will receive a coupon of 10 euro that you can apply to any course you would like. Secondly, you will receive our newsletter to inform you about new courses, introduce new presenters and inform you of special offers.

Finally, you will be able to tell us where your interests lie and which subject(s) you would like to see addressed in future courses. We will always do our best to address subject matters that are high in demand in future courses.

Absolutely. We realize that questions may arise while following any course. For the distant `interactive CE` questions can be asked in real time during the webinar. For the distant `non-interactive CE`, questions can be asked on the online forum. Each course will have a separate discussion group. By signing up for a course, you will get immediate access to the forum.

We offer a discount `group` price for multiple vets, working in the same clinic, that wish to follow a course together. This discounted price is only valid for veterinarians that work in the same clinic. The price will depend on the number of participants and the number of certificates of attendance that will be required. For more information on this, please contact us at

If you are an American or European board certified specialist or you are a veterinarian with extensive professional training and experience in a specific field of veterinary medicine and you are interested in providing online continuing education we would love to hear from you. You can  contact us at

Following payment options are accepted: Credit Card (VISA, mastercard), Pay Pall, iDeal (Netherlands) and Bancontact (Belgium).

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