Before becoming a specialist, I worked several years in general practice. During this time it became clear to me how much pressure is placed on practitioners to be expert in everything. But as veterinary medicine consists of many different fields and is continuously evolving this is impossible. If we want to provide the best patient care possible it is therefore important that we keep educating ourselves throughout our careers.

Further, it is sometimes in the best interest of a patient to refer it to a specialist, but what if referral is not an option? In other cases referral might not be absolutely necessary, but it would make you feel more confident if you could get input from a specialist on a specific case or could get help with interpretation of certain lab results.

Online Vet Training would like to help you! First by providing accessible and clinically relevant continuing education that you can follow in your own time, at your own pace. And secondly, by offering online internal medicine consultations to help you with the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of complex cases as well as the interpretation of lab results.

Online Veterinary Training and Courses - Geert Paes
Geert Paes, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), diplomate ECVIM-CA, European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Companion Animals.


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About Interpretation of Routine Blood Results in Dogs and Cats: This is a great topic and useful course. I started using the knowledge and skills learnt immediately. The course provides a variety of resources/materials, incl. quizzes and clinical cases to work on and apply the acquired knowledge. Thanks to the tutor for excellent support at all times!

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