In some cases it is in the best interest of a patient to refer it to a specialist, but what if referral is not an option? In other cases referral might not be absolutely necessary, but it would make you feel more confident if you could get input from a specialist on a complex case or could get help with interpretation of certain diagnostic tests or lab results.

OnlineVetTraining can help you by:

  • Giving advice regarding the diagnosis/treatment/follow up of complex internal medicine cases*
  • Helping you to interpret diagnostic tests and lab results
  • Answering general questions regarding internal medicine

* Telemedicine consulting is NOT suitable for patients who are clinically unstable

How does it work?

You send an email that includes all the information regarding the patient (signalment, history, physical exam findings, lab results, imaging results) to geert@onlinevettraining.com.

I will review the complete file and will send you a comprehensive report with my thoughts as well as concrete and detailed advice via EMAIL. I aim to send you this report within 24 hours, but guarantee that you will have it within 48 hours.

The reason why I work via email instead of by telephone is because I find it very important that you as well as the owner receive a detailed report. At the same time, I find it important to offer consultations that are affordable. If you prefer to also discuss the case by phone, this is possible at a slightly higher cost (see prices).

Important: the more information on the case you provide me with, the better I can help you!

Prices for general practices:

Standard consultation (only email)*: 39 euro + tax
Standard consultation (phone + report): 54 euro + tax

Extensive consultation (only email)*: 54 euro + tax
Extensive consultation (phone + report): 70 euro + tax

Follow up consultation***: 20 euro + tax

Prices for referral and emergency clinics

Price per 15 minutes: 18.75 euro + tax****

* Standard consultations: in general cases with acute health problems that do not have a previous medical history.
** Extensive consultations: complex cases with an extensive medical history and/or a thick file and/or with multiple health problems.
*** Follow up consultations: follow up after the initial consultation (within 6 months)
**** Because cases seen by referral and/or emergency clinics are often more complex, I charge for these consultation a price per 15 minutes. I can tell you beforehand how much time I think I will need and how much the cost will be.

Important: Online Vet Training sends the invoice directly to the veterinarian (not to the owner). How the owner is being charged for this service is up to the veterinarian to decide.